• Farming differently for future generations.
  • Our food-processing actions are well-integrated.
  • Reducing our environmental footprint.

Agriculture Raisonnée™

Producing differently for the environment.
Processus Agriculture Raisonnee

Our know-how

Our knowledge of wheat varieties baking performance is based on the understanding of agronomic impact on quality.


Our agronomic field team present farmers with recommendations on related topics such as: fertility, weed management, disease and pest control, wheat yield and return on investment.

  • Notre savoir-faire

Our understanding of wheat and its impact on baker’s production,
our know-how, is our pledge
for innovative and personalized

Our environmental footprint

Agriculture Raisonnée™ program enables Moulins de Soulanges to reduce its environmental footprint with more responsible production methods.

We require a pesticide free wheat production.

Extreme weather considerations can lead to derogations but only under strict supervison.

At Moulins de Soulanges, we measure our ecological footprint with a life cycle analysis of every lot of wheat produced through the following indicators: greenhouse gas emission environmental and health risks of pesticide use.

Notre empreinte écologique

Research & Development

Agriculture Raisonnée™ is also R&D.

Identifying varieties with multiple test plots, seed development and multiplication to commercial harvest is a multi-year process; learning to adapt specific milling techniques for specialty flours, we have developed a strong scientific expertise with all stakeholders, carrying out food research projects. Our R & D program is our pledge for designer flours and a customized signature for our flours.

R&D en Agriculture Raisonnee

Since 2011, we have conducted economic and environmental assessments and audits of our producers comparing Agriculture Raisonnée™ production with conventional and intensive production of winter wheat and spring crops.Research results show that producers using Agriculture Raisonnée® optimize their net returns per hectare.

Our producers are also proud to contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts by a reduction and elimination of all pesticides.

If you are interested by integrated Farming Management, or if you wish to know more about our production methods, do not hesitate to communicate with our agronomist Elisabeth Vachon by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 1-450-802-3006

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